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Launch of the Archetype portal:

Join us as we launch the Wonderfeel Archetypes online!
Peet will host a free workshop that's gentle yet powerful.
A great opportunity to choose the Archetypes
that are most relevant in your life right now.
There will be times to dance, draw, write, meditate, whateverrrr
in order to honour your chosen Archetypes.
An in-person event happneing in Warrandyte, Melbourne, Aust.
3:30pm on Sunday Nov 21 ~ get in touch for address.

After Nov 21 2021, you can access the free Archetype portal online!!!

Wonderfeel Archetypes Mandala Launch




The Reconciliation Art Exhibition
The Memo, Healesville
235 Maroondah Hwy
from June 1 - 25

There is a great diversity of works exhibited from Indignenous and Non-Indigenous artists, including a new piece by Wonderfeel.

The theme is imagining Australia without racism.

Come and experience this healing culture.

Memo Healesville - Art Exhibition


PAST EVENT: 'Lao Dreaming' will be Wonderfeel's first full album.
Raw beats, Laotian singers, and organic ambience crafted in Australia.
Music for deep aliveness!


Wonderfeel Lao dreaming Launch in Melbourne Australia

experience some Wonderfeel Sounds HERE


PAST EVENT: Healing Circle in Healesville ~ is FINISHED UP for now
Thanks to everyone who came for all the journeying into wholeness,
it was a very special 24 weeks for which it ran!

Healing Circle in Healesville


Wonderfeel 'Mixtopia' is out!
Let your soul trip into deep places...
Free to download, and definitely free to share :)

Wonderfeel Mixtopia Free Download

Wonderfeel Mixtopia ~ diverse electronica available for free download.


PAST EVENT: For all the brothers of the Yarra Valley....
Men's Circle


PAST EVENT: Ahhhhhh.....
Wonderfeel Hypnofunk EP Launch!

This will be a gorgeous night of some of the most deeply heart-felt music you may ever experience.
Each artist bring such prowess, sensitivity and gorgsousness...

Two acoustic performers: LIAHONA (Harmony Byrne) sample video and Marlee sample video
Cora Zon a fantrastic storyteller and the deep dance rhythms of Wonderfeel listen here

If you can be out in the East of Melbourne for this night then please do yourself the favour of
experiencing a soul-enriching and heart opening evening of yumminess, including delicious nibblies!



PAST EVENT: Hypnofunk EP Launch:

Wonderfeel Hypnofunk EP Launch!

Hypnofunk is a style of music that welcomes your raw and primal energy to come to the fore,
yet the hypnotic side offers you deep soothing within that.

Directions to the venue Moora Moora can be found
The Octagon building is out on the grassy area when you drive in (in front of The Lodge)

Deep earthy grooves, soul expanding process, and a lovely cup of chai at the end,
Come join us for a night of trance dancing, healing & fun wildness!


PAST EVENT: Wonderfeel App Launch:

Wonderfeel Runes
• Launching the Wonderfeel Oracle app •

A handy tool for DIY divination.
your subconscious create
a potent two-word message.

If you want to download the app:

  Wonderfeel Oracle - Peter Wonderfeel iTunes Australia
  Wonderfeel Oracle - Peter Wonderfeel iTunes UK

Find out more about the Wonderfeel app

SO, here's what happened at our Launch....

Oracle Card app on LabyrinthOracle Card Reading iPhone app
• App waiting patiently in the centre of the Labyrinth • // • A close up of the app in its mounting •

Card Reading iPhone app Art Installation

• Gail consulting the app at the
iOS & Android art exhibition •

Oracle Labyrinth Walk
• Walking the Labyrinth •

Firstly we each tuned into a personal goal.
Then on the inward walk we walked in opening to all our feelings around that goal.
At the centre of the Labyrinth we used the Wonderfeel Oracle app to create some handy guidance.
And then on the outward walk of our return journey we felt into to all the possibilities of our reading...

(This is a great format in general for doing card readings/divination on a Labyrinth)

• Video: launching the app and busting open champagne •

Celbration new intuitive iPhone appWonderfeel Sigil on LabyrinthHealing Dancing on Labyrinth
• Champagne on the app • // • Wonderfeel banner on the Labyrinth • // • Dancing to The Cure •

All up it was a great gathering ~ warm & fun & deep
: )

Sadly the 'Wonderfeel Oracle' is no longer able to work on current iOS,
but you can access the Wonderfeel Archetypes here.




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